Out and About

  • 10 miles
  • Further Afield
  • Ilse of Bute

Voyageur sea kayaking argyllvoyageurcanoes.co.uk

Loch Fyne Brewery www.fyneales.com

Loch Fyne oyster bar www.lochfyne.com

Loch Fyne garden centre www.thetreeshop.net/index.php?route=common/home

Inverary Jail www.inverarayjail.co.uk

Inverary castle www.inveraray-castle.com

Auchindrain village auchindrain.org.uk

Crarae gardens www.nts.org.uk/Property/Crarae-Garden

Ardkinglas estate ( gardens ) www.ardkinglas.com

Argyll adventure park www.argylladventure.com

Argyll general websites www.argyllonline.co.uk and www.exploreargyll.co.uk

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Ferry from Colintraive, allow an hour to get to ferry from the lodge, a 10 minute journey on ferry

Ferry website www.calmac.co.uk/destinations/bute

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