Factoring Conditions

We hope that your stay with us will be most enjoyable. Will you please consider the under noted points. They may just make your stay and that of your neighbours pleasant.

  1. Parking :- Please use the parking spaces allocated to your lodge.
  2. Pets :- Dogs should be kept on a lead while on site and remember to clean up after them.
  3. Washing :- No washing should be hung out or exposed for drying.
  4. Rubbish :- Should be placed in the Skip at the site entrance.
  5. Noise :- No musical or other instrument should be used causing or producing sound audible to other persons on the site between the hours of 11pm and 9am.
  6. Fires ;- No fires shall be allowed other than barbecues and then only in equipment specifically manufactured for that purpose.
  7. Guns :- No gun, air gun, fire arm or explosive should be used on the site. Firearms taken into the cabins must be kept in compliance with the relevant firearms legislation.

Lamont Lodges Factoring Services,
A.G. McKie,FInstSMM